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Great returns from 2.5% pa*

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Easy returns on your savings:

  • Simple registration
  • Loan security against property
  • Great returns, from 2.5% pa
Annualised return.
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Short-term property finance:

  • Fast
  • Flexible
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Loans must be secured by a mortgage.

The iBAN Promise

Safe, easy to use and fair - now everybody can invest in the real estate business.
We are transparent and we don't charge investors any fees of any kind.
We create a property portfolio for you, based on the iBAN account you choose.
Just deposit your money and receive your interest monthly, automatically.
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We make property investing simple

iBAN underwrites and pre-funds every loan, so that you can invest with confidence.

  • Select the products that you want to invest in.
  • All loans are secured by a mortgage against property.
  • Start earning interest immediately.
*This is an annualised rate. Whilst the loans which you invest in are secured against property, your capital may be at risk if you are not using one of our Guarantee Fund accounts.
iBAN Account
2.5% AER
Ideal for savings.
  • Fast withdrawals (24-48h)
  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Covered by Guarantee Fund
iBAN 1
3.5% AER
Great for growing your investment in the short term.
  • One year minimum term
  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Covered by Guarantee Fund
iBAN Market
6.0% APR
For those looking for risk-free returns.
  • Variable interest rate.
  • 3-year investment term - on completion, you can withdraw or renew.
  • Covered by Guarantee Fund
iBAN Investor
8.5% APR
For those who like to diversify.
  • Capital at risk*.
  • Variable interest rate.
  • 5-year investment term - on completion, you can withdraw or renew.
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*This investment is not covered by the Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca (SGR). **Investments covered by the Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca (SGR).

Meet an iBAN investor

Ryan Bishop
Director of Greenbean Learning Resources
iBAN has made my money actually work for me! No more sitting in a bank account earning 1% or less. I can relax knowing my capital is guaranteed.
“The UK’s alternative finance industry has taken another step along the road to mainstream acceptance with the promise of a £40m investment from the British government.”
“Some traditional banks are unaware of the competition they face — and the way upstarts [...] are disrupting bank lending.”
“Lending marketplaces [...] have gained the trust of consumers by offering transparency and providing lower rates than banks to borrowers.”
“This month the FCA began regulating the sector for the first time, giving it an official stamp of approval.”
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