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Investment Management

Smart savings made easy.

Modern investment management. Powered by technology, guided by experts.

iBAN Account
2.5% AER
Ideal for savings.
  • Fast withdrawals (24-48h)
  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Covered by Guarantee Fund
iBAN 1
3.5% AER
Great for growing your investment in the short term.
  • One year minimum term
  • Fixed interest rate.
  • Covered by Guarantee Fund
iBAN Market
6.0% APR
For those looking for risk-free returns.
  • Variable interest rate.
  • 3-year investment term - on completion, you can withdraw or renew.
  • Covered by Guarantee Fund
iBAN Investor
8.5% APR
For those who like to diversify.
  • Capital at risk*.
  • Variable interest rate.
  • 5-year investment term - on completion, you can withdraw or renew.
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*This investment is not covered by the Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca (SGR). **Investments covered by the Sociedad de Garantía Recíproca (SGR).


Easy access
to your money
With your iBAN account, you can withdraw your money quickly and safely
Wide range
of rates
With rates from 2.5% AER to 8.5% APR, find the ideal iBAN product for you.
Your portfolio,
Obtain the best risk/return ratio in the market thanks to iBAN's product range.
When you invest with iBAN, the investment is connected directly to the financing - thereby avoiding high costs and intermediary commissions thanks to the internet and our network of professionals.
No account opening, closing or trading fees!
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We help you figure out goals and how much you can invest to reach them. Not sure? Our advisors will recommend a clear path to reaching them.

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We recommend a mix of funds that’s appropriate for someone like you, based on your age, income, and assets.

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Withdrawal is super-easy with our online withdrawal request tool. Tell us how much to send to your bank account, and we'll do a security check before sending you your funds.


iBAN understands your complete financial picture. Which means we’re here to help you move forward as you ditch your debt and increase equity.

Better than a Bank

  • Pay no fees of any kind.
  • SSL encryption to keep your information safe.
  • Our advisors do not have “commission” in their vocab.

Not a Robot

  • Our live advisors are here to help you — not to sell to you.
  • Direct Property Investment portfolios are actively curated by our team of experts.
  • An investment plan that can actually help you reach your goals.


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